Série Negra: Makie

Black Series: Makie

Série Negra: Makie | Black Series: Makie

digital photography
4 photo (55x88 cm), 9 photo (44x44 cm, 44x22 cm, 22x44 cm, 22x22 cm, 22x11 cm, 11x22 cm)
digital print on RC paper, methacrylate


Portuguese translation (3rd photo):
TANIZAKI, Junichiro. Em louvor da sombra. Trad. Leiko Gotoda. São Paulo: Companhia das Letras, 2007, p. 26.

English translation:

"Artisans of old when they finish their works in lacquer and decorated them in sparkling patterns must surely have had in mind dark rooms and sought to turn to good effect what feeble light there was. Their extravagant use of gold, too, I should imagine, came of understanding how it gleams forth from out of the darkness and reflects the lamplight. Lacquerware decorated in gold is not something to be seem in a brilliant light, to be taken in at a simple glance; it should be left in the dark, a part here and part there picked up by a faint light. Its florid patterns recede into the darkness, conjuring in their stead an inexpressible aura of depth and mystery of overtones but partly suggested."

TANIZAKI, Jun’ichirô. In praise of shadows. Translated by Thomas J. Harper and Edward G, Seidensticker. Tokyo: Turtle, 2008, p. 19.