Through the Boyds’s Looking-Glass-House,
and What Lady Shadow Found There

Através da casa de espelhos dos Boyds e o que a Dona Sombra encontrou por lá

Through the Boyds’s Looking-Glass-House,and What Lady Shadow Found There, 2011

installation (digital photography)
dimensions variable
digital print on tracing paper

Work produced during the UNESCO – Aschberg Bursary Programme for Artists, at Bundanon Trust, in August, 2011.

*Arthur Boyd (1920-1999) was a Australian painter.

As a residency project, I proposed to create artworks related with the Bundanon Trust Art Collection and the property area's landscapes. The ideia for the installation came after contact with Arthur Boyd's Illustrations for the poem "The Narcissus Emblems" (1983-1984), written by the Australian poet Peter Porter (1929-2010).
The reflexion, a recurrent theme in my works, and the monochromatic landscapes of Budanon represented on Boyd's etching series inspired me to create a black-and-white installation connected with Lewis Carroll’s novel “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There” (1871).
[Bundanon Trust collection webpage]